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Viva Questions on Internet Programming

Post 06 December 2010 By Mrunalini In SE Computers / IT

Q.1 : HTML is which type of language ?
Q.2 : Why we are using scripting language in html ?
Q.3 : Tell us about your mini project .
Q.4 : What is SPIDER and crawling ?
Q.5 : Client server architecture
Q.6 : IP address of any site of choice.

Q.7 : Asp objects
Q.8 : What is a portal? Difference between a portal and a Website
Q.9 : What port does http work on ?
Q.10 : Why is CSS called cascaded style sheets ?
Q.12 : Peer to peer networking
Q.13 : Is it possible to change the color of the title bar using HTML ?
Q.14 : Image map
Q.15 : Can you make a vertical line using HR tag ?
Ans. : Yes.
Q.16 : What are static, dynamic and active pages ?
Q.17 : What is the difference between http & https ?
Q.18 : What is XML schema ?

Q.19 : What are blogs ?
Q.20 : How is XSL different from CSS ?
Q.21 : Will XSL replace CSS ?
Q.22 : How is XSL different from DSSSL? From DSSSL-O ?
Q.23 : Will XSL replace DSSSL ?
Q.24 : CSS is for HTML and XSL is for XML ?
Q.25 : Which for M is suitable ?
Q.26 :  Difference between Java and JavaScript
Q.27 : What is ERROR 404? Why does this error occur ?
Q.28 : Explain 3-tier architecture
Q.29 : Difference between ASP and HTML
Q.30 : Explain <pre> tag.

Courtesy: Author:Sagar Nagda and Abhishek Baliya. Publisher: Nandu publications

For more questions with complete answers refer to Web technology for sem 6 by Sagar Nagda, Abhishek Baliya from Nandu publications.

Also in this book an entire chapter on programs of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, ASP, JSP, SERVLETS are solved which will help you in practical and theory exams.

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